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DriveFree is the next evolution in driving. Get an electric car at the lowest cost ever with all-inclusive benefits like free maintenance and free home EV charging.

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Who is Octopus EV?

It's 2024 and the best deal in EVs don't come from a car dealer. Learn more about Octopus EV.

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We're here to help Houston drivers figure out if electric is right for you.

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Step 1

Choose your car

Select from leading pre-owned electric car models for great value and flexible leases that don't lock you in. Chat with an EV Specialist for any questions.  

Transparent price and terms. Simple online approval. No surprises.

Step 2

Home delivery + charging

An EV Specialist will schedule convenient delivery to your home and provide a free electric driving tutorial. We'll help you get an EV charger installed if you want one.

No-hassle, top-dollar trade-ins on your old car available.

Step 3

Get Octopus Energy for unlimited free home charging

The 5-star, lowest-cost home electricity plan for Houston EV drivers just got better. Sign up and get free home charging for your DriveFree EV.

Why do we call it DriveFree?

We'll cover your home charging throughout your lease.

No, really. Our cars are electric and we’re an electricity company. It just makes sense.

Yes, it’s electric. Yes, it costs less.

Don’t forget how much you pay for gas.

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