Pre-owned cars. Brand new everything else.

Octopus uses what's new and different about electric cars to bring you a lower cost, simpler and better way to get into one.

Octopus doesn't look like a typical car dealership, because we're not one.

Our mission is to make it easier and lower cost to driv electric.
Electric cars are redefining driving. We're here to redefine the best way to get one.
  • Pre-owned electric cars, pre-vetted by us and brought to your driveway
  • Guaranteed battery health and comprehensive warranty, for peace of mind
  • Customizable lease to fit your life today, then make room for a better electric car soon
  • Maintenance, tires and even home charging included, for simplicity and convenience
  • 5-star customer service, because we think everyone deserves that
Who is Octopus?
Octopus isn't just your local not-a-typical-car-dealership. We're a global energy company with 7+ million customers worldwide, including many of your neighbors in Texas.
You can trust us to take great care of you now - and throughout your lease.
Here's a little more about us:
  • We have one of the largest and fastest-growing all-electric car fleets in the world, making us experts in electric car technology and models
  • We've built leading software to intelligently charge electric cars when energy is cleanest and cheapest, to pass savings along to you.
  • Our sister company Octopus Energy has home energy plans that reward EV drivers with discounts of up to 30%.

Why pre-owned electric cars? 

Because electric cars drive smooth and silent - almost like new - even when they've got a few miles on them. Because EV batteries are performing better and lasting longer than anyone expected. And because now there are amazing electric cars available pre-owned with 250+ miles of range.

We don't expect you to take the risk on new technology. We do that, with our battery health guarantee and comprehensive warranty. You get the drive quality and protection of buying new.

When your lease is up, don't worry about resale value or trouble - just bring it back and choose which exciting electric car you want to drive next.

Where's your inventory?

When we said we're not a typical car dealership, we meant it. Think of it this way: zero inventory for us means unlimited inventory for you. We're not trying to sell you a particular car in a parking lot, we find the car you want, including taking responsibility that it'll come to you in great condition.

You know what else we don't have? An endless scroll of car pictures where you have to play "spot the differences."

Car shopping is hard enough - we try to make it easier.

  • All our cars have the same pricing, so you don't need to hunt and compare
  • All our cars meet the same condition standards, no need to zoom in to find blemishes
  • All our cars have the features listed, so you don't need to worry it'll arrive without the sunroof you always wanted

EV Savings Calculator

Find out how much you can save by switching to electric with an Octopus EV Lease from Octopus. A typical Texas driver can save $1,000+ per year.

Is an EV right for you?

Chat with an Octopus EV Specialist to get personalized feedback on an EV fitting your lifestyle and how much you can save. 

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