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Octopus brings you a whole new way to get a car you love, with fewer worries and more savings. Here are all the details on how the program works.

Yes. When you get a car from Octopus it's a normal car lease, with some features and terms to make it more driver-friendly than a traditional lease from a dealer. You'll keep the same car for the duration of your plan..

All our EVs have a clean vehicle history and pass a 125-point inspection. They are expertly renewed to a high standard and refreshed to a nearly new level. There will be little to no degradation of the original range.

Before we deliver your car, we'll share full details including the VIN, vehicle history and photos. We guarantee that your car will come with the technology and features indicated when you select your plan. (See each car’s page for details). If you have questions about trim and features offered, ask your EV Specialist. If anything changes between your order and when your car is ready, we’ll contact you to make sure you’ll still be happy with the car.

You’ll choose a plan for the miles you expect to drive each year. Your EV Specialist can help you figure out what to choose. At the end of your lease term, if your miles driven exceeds the cumulative mileage tier, you’ll pay a per mile Excess Miles fee. The exact amount will be in your quote. Our rate is lower than new EV leases.

Your lease includes all manufacturer recommended scheduled maintenance, plus new tires when needed. We will inform you of when scheduled maintenance is needed. You are simply responsible for scheduling the visit from our mobile mechanic service in a timely way. The mobile mechanic will do a full inspection including of the tires in case they need replacing. You're also responsible for watching to see if tires need to be replaced in between mobile mechanic visits.

If you choose to add Octopus Energy as your home electricity provider alongside your lease, we measure how much of your home energy goes to charging your car. We issue you credit you on your energy bill for that amount. You don't need to do anything else to earn your credit. Technology is amazing!

If your car from Octopus needs repairs that would be covered by a manufacturer warranty, these are covered in your lease, no matter the age or odometer of your vehicle. If repairs are needed, we’ll direct you to a certified service center

Your lease includes scheduled maintenance and minor repairs via mobile mechanic. Our maintenance partner comes to you at your home or work! You simply schedule when it’s convenient for you.

We’ll take care of registration and other DMV paperwork for you before we bring your car to you. You'll receive registration renewal information when your registration is up for renewal after a year.

You'll have 3 days from the start of your lease to return the car and cancel your plan, no questions asked. The car just needs to be in the same condition as when we delivered it. This gives you a worry-free way to try out an EV. If you want to switch to a different car option, we'll bring you a new one and you can start a new lease for that vehicle.

No! Car leases often include a fee of $300-400 or more at lease end called a “Disposition Fee.” An Octopus lease doesn’t include this.

We do not currently offer customers the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the plan.

Yes! If you choose, we facilitate a high quality EV charger installation by a licensed electrician through our partner Treehouse. We’ll then bill you in installments over the course of your lease. At the end of your lease, it’s yours to keep!

When you select your car and plan, check the box that you’re interested in a home EV charger. You’ll get access to our partner portal to receive a firm online quote. A trusted licensed electrician will contact you to arrange and carry out installation.

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